Animated Cloth Flags is simple to use set of vertex animated flags and banners.

All animations are highly detailed and seamlessly looping.
Works on mobile devices.No cpu heavy cloth physics or skin calculations.

The package contains:
Different animation variations
22 separate fbx models
22 prefabs with colliders
17 textures
26 materials
1 scene with all prefabs
Textures are easily customizable. UV stamps provided for easy precise texturing in your favorite 2d software.

bandicam 2018-11-20 19-48-00-406.jpg
bandicam 2018-11-20 19-55-11-549.jpg
bandicam 2018-11-20 18-43-43-036.png
bandicam 2018-11-20 18-44-25-953.png
bandicam 2018-11-20 18-42-45-410.png
bandicam 2018-11-20 18-45-22-559.png
bandicam 2018-11-18 21-31-11-220.jpg

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